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For small to medium size cost consultancies

  • Create projects
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Project dashboards
  • Team dashboards
  • KPI tracking
  • 12-hour technical support


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For larger companies with teams of more than 100 people

  • Create projects
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Project dashboards
  • Team dashboards
  • KPI tracking
  • 6-hour technical support
  • Data logging for analytics
  • Bespoke feature development
  • Bespoke software integrations
  • Whitelabel solution

Frequently asked questions

What is Intval?

Intval is a secure online environment allowing cost consultants and main contractors to agree the cost of project variations more efficiently. Helping improve your professional fees and project financials.

What are the key benefits for cost consultants?

There is a long list of benefits achieved by utilising the power of Intval, but our favourite ones are:

  • Significantly improving the efficiency of your professional fees
  • Helping you agree variations (and final accounts) faster
  • Providing accurate ‘KPI’s for demonstrating to clients your impact on out-turn cost
  • Reducing time spent manually searching & chasing for variation substantiation

What are the benefits for main contractors?

Our solution provides significant benefit to all parties, from the contractors perspective they can expect:

  • Significant time savings with our substantiation upload feature
  • Reduced email traffic
  • Confidence that your early warning notifications have been seen by the professional team
  • Agree client variations faster, reducing financial risk

Can I use Intval on existing live projects?

Yes, you can easily import any previously agreed variations into your project on Intval.

Is Intval secure?

Our website has its on SSL encryption and our file storage functionality is supported by our partners at Box who ensure every file is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption in diverse locations.

Are you part of the RICS?

Invtal is part of the RICS Tech Affiliate Partner Programme. We are working proactively with RICS to help improve efficiencies across the construction sector.

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