Simple pricing

We offer a simple pricing structure on a per seat basis, with unlimited projects.

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Frequently asked questions

What is intval?

Intval is a cloud-based solution that helps commercial managers agree the cost
of project variations faster, for maximum value.

Who is intval designed for?

Our software is designed for innovative commercial managers (and directors) that want to increase profitability across all of their construction projects.

What problems does intval solve?

Intval stops the exchange of time wasting emails to substantiate and agree project variations. With intval, variations are stored in the cloud with all their supporting information. The professional team is able to login, review and digitally agree variations, meaning you can get paid for these variations faster. 

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, we offer a one month free trial. (No card or bank details required) So if you are interested in improving your results, let’s schedule a quick 15-minute demo.

How do you help reduce the time it takes to agree variations?

We allow you to store all project variations and all their supporting information in the cloud. No more sending multiple emails back and fourth with attachments or wetransfer links. We provide a secure collaborative environment that facilitates faster agreement of variations between main contractor and the clients professional team.

What will my clients think about us using intval?

intval allows you to interact with your clients’ team in a professional and seamless manner, saving them considerable time and energy previously spent working with poorly formatted excel spreadsheets. What’s not to like!

Can I add more users?

With the exception of our basic package, you can ‘add seats’ as your commercial team grows.

Can I request custom build features?

Absolutely. We actively encourage user feedback, good and bad. Please message us within the app or email our engineering team at support@intval.co.uk.

Can I have an input in what new features intval develops?

In short, yes. We already have a development roadmap of nearly 50+ new features we want to starrt building. We publish this list within the app for our customers to review and rank in terms of your priorities so we work on what is most important for you first.

Is intval secure?

Our website has its on SSL encryption and our file storage functionality is supported by our partners at Box who ensure every file is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption in diverse locations.

Do you offer any discount for annual subscriptions?

For customers who would like to sign-up for an annual subscription we offer a discount on initial package prices.

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

No, all rolling plans are month to month with no minimum term contracts, cancel at anytime.

Can I pay via invoice and bank transfer rather than by credit card?

Yes, we can setup invoicing and offline payments for annual subscriptions which will also benefit from a discount.